The Background

I was approached by the trustees of the Textile Conservation Foundation to create a Patchwood Sampler as a retirement gift for one of their board members. The Sampler was to reflect the work of the Textile Conservation Centre.

The Process

After initial discussions I visited the Centre based at Glasgow University and spent the afternoon with members of the teaching staff learning about the work carried out there. Between us we collected together a number of samples, materials, tools and literature that represented many aspects of the work at the centre.

The Textile Conservation Foundation 2014

Patchwood Sampler

The Textile Conservation Foundation 2014

Once the wood is cut and prepared and the layout is finalised, working from my notes and gathered materials, planning for the individual patches begins.

The layout is complete. each patchrepresents work carried out at the Centre for Textile Conservation at the University of Glasgow.

Stitching is planned and drilling begins.

Patches are joined using long and short stitching as used in textile conservation.

Antique textile piece "pinned out" for conservation.

Threads and tools used at the centre combined with text from teaching notes and student diagrams.

Diagrams, dye samples and stitching notes.