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Our gorgeous retreat is currently fully booked for 2020

22nd – 26th June 2020 – Woop!

Uuugh we are completely devastated that we have had to postpone our gorgeous retreat until September 2021 – especially at this time when we are yearning for the company of other creative women and to sit round the table and sharing our inspiration. However we will just do it next year. Same place, same activities but a different season to celebrate and bring into our homes. See you next year!

We’re so, so excited to announce dates for this year’s ‘Retreat called Nourish and Nurture’. We started planning it literally 5 minutes after we said our goodbyes to the wonderful women who attended our very first retreat last September. We’re now ready to offer nine lovely ladies the opportunity to join us this June and take their places round our table.

Come join us in a house by the sea and there enjoy the very simple beauty of making and doing and chatting and being.

So who are we?

We’re me, Ali Ferguson and Carole Fitzgerald the founder of Lazy Sunday. We met when Carole attended a workshop in my studio, the Purple Thread Shed. When I looked up Lazy Sunday online and saw Carole’s stunningly gorgeous creativity around the whole food and dining experience I have to say I developed a bit of a ‘girl crush’.

To cut a long story short Carole attended more workshops, we got to know each other and a friendship grew. We realised that we both felt exactly the same wonderful mix of invigoration, clarity and energy in each other’s company and we started to look a bit more closely at why. For a start we were choosing to set aside a whole day for each other (we don’t live next door unfortunately), we would meet in a beautiful, inspiring space (we recognise that we create these quite naturally round about us) and we would talk…about everything. About work, about family, about the things that are ‘sticking’ us and about the things we would like to get off the ground. And while we were talking, we would be making something or photographing something … just creatively doing something!

So we decided that we wanted to share this creativity & this energy with other women and our Retreat called Nourish and Nurture was born. We spent the most fabulous week with a gorgeous group of women in 2019 and we couldn’t be more excited to invite you to join us for another week of creativity this year.

The Accommodation

Of course we have chosen the most stunning of venues  – Cardy Net House in Fife – a house by the sea where we will make and chat and cook and eat and be for 3 days and 4 nights. We will consciously practice beautiful living and show you simple ways to bring this way of living into your home life – in a very real way rather than an Instagram photo kind of way.

We have chosen this beautiful venue in Lower Largo, nestled in the East Neuk of Fife quite deliberately. In Victorian times it was built as a fishing net factory and employed 30 women to make nets for the then booming herring industry.

Today Cardy Net House is a beautiful contemporary dwelling overlooking the often wild Firth of Forth and enjoying spectacular views across the water to Edinburgh. You can step forward onto the beach or step sideways into the mature and compact walled garden.

It’s the kind of space that makes you see differently. Simply to be in it’s stunning communal space is an experience in itself. We have space to cook, space to eat, space to make and space to relax. On your arrival you’ll find some little treats to help you settle in.

The Food

if you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with them. The people who give you their food give you their heart.’

Cesar Chavez.

Morning, noon and night you will enjoy the most delicious food, prepared open plan and shared round one long table. Carole’s focus will be on taking seasonal, local produce and creating fabulous dishes that are easy to prepare, packed full of flavour and served on tables set, styled and foraged by us all. The conversation and the wine will flow.

Creative Sessions

Creativity is at the very heart of this Retreat and we have gorgeous making & doing sessions lined up

  • Patchwood Story sampler – This will be our main making activity and we’ll be working on it throughout the three days. Starting with a dozen or so ‘patches’ of wood, sandpaper & paint, Ali will guide you through her own unique process of creating a very personal heirloom wall hanging from your own collections of small personal & family treasures.These ‘treasures’ could be found, foraged, collected, inherited or simply cherished – we’ll give you lots of suggestions on booking. Each object will be hand stitched onto your wooden patches and these will then be stitched together to create your ‘Patchwood Sampler’ – with a story behind each and every ‘patch’. It’s such a beautiful process of curating & displaying some of your small, sentimental & often random objects that often remain unseen in the bottom of drawers. And, we’ll warn you now, a process that becomes more than a little addictive! You can see examples of Ali’s Patchwood Samplers on her website: Woodwork
  • Hands on sessions in the kitchen – Carole will share some of her creative magic in the kitchen as we prepare and make delicious food together. Flatbreads, ice creams, easy mayonnaise, delicious dips, langoustines and lobsters. Puddings to die for. We’ll feast together, and sometimes cook together, enjoying the best of local, seasonal produce delivered to our doorstep. And then there’s cake. There’s always cake! You can see some of Carole’s gorgeous food & styling over on Instagram. Look at ‘Food’ in her saved stories for a real treat to the senses.
  • Creating beautyFull tablescapes – Carole will lead you through the basics of setting and styling the beautiful tables around which we shall eat, using foraged materials and favourite props to create the most magical settings.
  • Photography – Working with your mobile phone or dslr camera, Carole will outline the basics of food styling and compostition and explain how to bring your photographs to life. So bring your camera and create the stories that you want to tell. Outwith what we have planned, there will be so many opportunities to spontaneously capture the moments, the landscape and the friends that you will make .
  • Time out – We don’t plan to overfill your days. Long walks, slow meals and drinks on the veranda will gently feed your creativity and your inspiration. And if you would like time out alone, to read books or to catch up, or to wander and explore, that’s fine too.


A very rough schedule – and like all the very best schedules – with a good bit of room for spontaneity, laughter and anything else that springs to mind!

And last but not least

You will arrive late afternoon on Monday 22nd June and leave after breakfast on Friday 26th June. 3 whole days and 4 gorgeous nights and yes….we’re very aware that we’re asking you to take time out midweek!

We’ve no fancy booking systems – it’s just us. We’re proper old style and believe in comunicating rather than clicking. Spaces are very limited, (only nine in total) so if this gets your heart fluttering, grab your place at our rather gorgeous table now.

We are:

Ali Ferguson

Carole Fitzgerald

Give us a shout to claim your place at the table.

We look forward to welcoming you!