…and just like the very best schedules – with a good bit of room for spontaneity, laughter and anything else that springs to mind!

Our gorgeous retreat is currently fully booked for 2020

Monday Evening

The warmest of welcomes 

We’ll ask you to arrive around 4.00pm 

Expect to be nurtured from the moment you step through the door!

Cocktails of the fizzy kind

Time to experience our wonderful veranda, listen to the waves, find your feet and settle in with a glass of fizz …or three

7.00pm              A beautiful dinner

The magic created when a group of women share the joy of beautiful food, a beautiful table and the simple pleasure of eating together.


Are you ready to create?

8.30am             A relaxed breakfast

But relaxed still means beautiful right?

 9.30am             Gift Box

Open your box of intriguing goodies. Each item’s value will be revealed in its own time.

Patchwood Story Sampler – A morning of making with Ali.

Starting with a dozen or so ‘patches’ of wood, sandpaper & paint, Ali will guide you through her own unique process of creating a very personal heirloom wall hanging from your own collections of small personal & family treasures.

These ‘treasures’ could be found, foraged, collected, inherited or simply cherished – we’ll give you lots of suggestions on booking. Each object will be hand stitched onto your wooden patches and these will then be stitched together to create your ‘Patchwood Sampler’ – with a story behind each and every ‘patch’.

It’s such a beautiful process of curating & displaying some of your small, sentimental & often random objects that often remain unseen in the bottom of drawers. And, we’ll warn you now, a process that becomes more than a little addictive!

You can see examples of Ali’s Patchwood Samplers on her website: Woodwork 

11.30am            Hands on in the kitchen

Carole shares the magic of making buttermilk, butter & no churn ice cream. 

12.30pm            Time for you

Time to chat, time to walk, time to read, time to retreat

1.00pm              Lunch round the table

2.00pm              Patchwood Story Samplers – an afternoon of making with Ali

4.00pm              G or T

Space to walk, to chat, to be & to drink G or T!

5.00pm              Create a coastal inspired ‘ Tablescape’

Carole will lead you through the basics of setting and styling a beautiful table using foraged coastal finds and favourite props

7.00pm              Feast for the eyes

A beautiful dinner:  nourishing the body, nourishing the soul



The most laid back of days           

8.30am              A relaxed & beautiful breakfast

9.30am              A morning of making

Continue working on your Patchwood Story Sampler and Ali will show you ways of including documents, letters & photographs that are just too precious to cut up and use!

12.00 noon        Hands on in the kitchen

Flatbreads & photography

Carole will share tips & techniques for her fabulous food photography and how to make deliciously easy flatbreads.

You can see  more of Carole’s beautiful food & photography on Instagram. Take a look at ‘Food’ in her saved stories. 

1.00pm              Lunch round the table

2.00pm              An afternoon to do as you wish!

Jump in the car and explore the East Neuk, roll up your jeans and get paddling, put on your dookers and get swimming, have a bath, shut your eyes & snooze or carry on with your Patchwood Sampler. The choice is yours – how delicious!

4.00pm              G or T

Shooting the breeze on the veranda with a little glass of something lovely

There will be some ‘secret stuff’ going as Carole & Ali create:

7.00pm              A magical outdoor feast


Feeling inspired?

8.30am              A relaxed & beautiful breakfast

 9.30am              A morning of making

Continue working on your Patchwood Story Sampler. Your sampler will be well and truly taking shape as you continue drilling & stitching

 11.30am            Hands on in the kitchen

Carole’s most glorious summer tarts!

 1.00pm              Picnic Lunch 

 2.00pm              An afternoon of making

Finishing your Patchwood Samplers & creating a stitched wooden table place name 

4.00pm              G or T

Space to think, to chat, to be & to drink G or T!

4.30pm              Coastal Wreath         

Carole will share her love of creating seasonal wreaths before setting you loose on the foraging table to make your own.

Create a table worthy of our celebratory last supper! 

7.30pm              Celebration Dinner

Celebrating creativity, wonderful new friends & living beautifully!


8.00am              One last beautiful breakfast…until next year!

10.00am            We’ll say our good-byes & and our see you soons!

10.05am             Carole & Ali start planning for next time!

We are:

Ali Ferguson

Carole Fitzgerald

…and we’re so looking forward to welcoming you!

Give us a shout to claim your space at our table.

A Retreat called Nourish and Nurture