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Ali Ferguson Textile Artist

My time is mostly spent working in The Purple Thread Shed – my studio in the garden of my home in the village of Roslin near Edinburgh.

There are two distinct “threads” to my textile practice.

As an artist I explore my own ideas & interests by creating contemporary stitched pieces. While my “Cloth Work” is mostly for exhibition my “Wood Work” is for sale and commission.

As a tutor I run an ongoing programme of textile inspired craft workshops from my studio, The Purple Thread Shed as well as from other UK venues.

Textile Work & Influences

My inspiration comes from the every day – every day people and every day things. I am fascinated by people and their stories: particularly their reflections and memories of ordinary home and working lives.

Text features strongly in my work– either in the form of handwriting taken from old letters and postcards or snippets of conversation – recording words exactly as they are spoken. The words are meticulously hand stitched – a slow and thoughtful process that leaves a permanent mark of something that may have previously been dismissed as insignificant.

Wherever possible I love to use discarded materials – often old pieces of clothing or domestic textiles. I believe that materials previously used, washed and worn carry their own stories. I just love the thought that an old piece of clothing is implanted with stories of the wearer or that a piece of vintage table linen holds the secrets of a household.

I layer and patch these “past fragments” together, combining them with digital print and hand stitch to offer a glimpse into lives all but forgotten or overlooked. Hand stitching is really important to me – there is something very personal about leaving your mark with needle and thread.

I am a member of Prism and edge – textile artists Scotland.

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