A series of hand stitched driftwood pieces inspired by the natural environment.

The starting point is found & weathered wood – driftwood collected from East Lothian beaches, old fence posts or twisted roots from woodland walks – whatever catches my eye.

After the wood is cleaned and dried, I start assembling. This is very organic. I use found objects, rusty metals, old maps – whatever calls out to me for each individual piece. I love the combination of the materials that I am using and I question where they have come from. I am fascinated by tape measures and clocks and these are often included as a measurement of time passing – one season, moving into the next.

I add my own images mostly from the East Lothian Coast and Roslin Glen and then start stitching. I am a hand stitcher – this is the important part for me, bringing all these different elements together with a needle and thread. In some pieces I leave a needle attached as a mark of my own input – a little bit of my own history is left behind too.

Time & Tide

This series was inspired by a gift of old sea charts and the whispered whereabouts of a secret supply of battered and broken lobster pots. The fisherman image featured in many of these pieces came from a large collection of postcards that had been sent by a fisherman to his wife during his long trips away from home.

Again these pieces grow organically on my table as I piece together the wood with other found treasures and and stitch them together to tell their own story.

Each piece is completely unique!