The Story

Every one of these patches holds a memory or a story for the couple who commissioned this piece including sewing and knitting tools that represent both of their mothers, the strap from a first camera case that went on to inspire a career in photography, old light flexes and other ironmongery that were removed when they moved into and renovated their business premises along with a variety of pieces from their many “collections”.

The finished piece is 100 by 75cm and has over sixty separate wooden “patches” made from a repurposed wooden pallet, stitched together with vintage linen thread.

The Process

An initial meeting enables me to start gathering background information – hobbies at different ages and stages of their lives, about family, about work, where they grew up, favourite books, music and their passion for collecting. This discussion gives the direction for them to then spend some time gathering together the objects that they would like included.

A few weeks later a box of unconnected “bits and pieces” arrives at my studio and my task then is to bring it all together and make the connections through stitch.