Spend a gorgeous day creating a hand stitched mixed media piece from ‘patches’ of repurposed wood.

Taking your inspiration from the natural environment, you will create six individual patches and will embellish these with driftwood and other found ‘treasures’. Think rusty washers and nails, pieces of fence wire, old maps and pages from nature books. These will be hand stitched into place before stitching your patches together to create your unique wall piece. Every stitch requires holes to be drilled through the wood and by the end of the day you will feel as comfortable using the drill as you do your needle and thread!

I will provide a beautiful collection of seed-head & hedgerow and seascape images and will show how these can be transferred onto your wooden patches.

Everything you need will be provided but to make your finished piece even more personal you may wish to bring along some of your own collected treasures. Think about small pieces of driftwood or other things popped into your pocket during nature walks – sea glass, small flat pebbles, rusty objects. You might want to bring a map (to cut up) of an area that is meaningful to you or old pages from nature books. Perhaps dried flowers & grasses or pine cones or anything else that comes into your hands.

Have fun thinking and gathering – it’s a gorgeous opportunity to display some of these really meaningful natural objects that have been picked up over the years.

There are a few messy bits so please bring an apron or at the very least don’t wear your Sunday Best!

Ali Ferguson Patchwood Environmentals