A lovely day of ‘slow’ hand-stitching. We’ll be creating a fabric collage inspired by ‘Wash Day’ memories and handwritten text from my prized old domestic science jotter. The background to your collage will be a piece of old ‘mangle cloth’ – beautiful linen fabric with that gorgeous red stripe. If red’s not your thing, you can use plain linen or bring along a piece of your own.

We’ll start the day by printing text from the jotter onto calico using an inkjet printer. There are some wonderful pages to choose from – Rules for Ironing – who knew? Instructions for ‘pegging out’ and loads of other little gems that will bring inspiration and a real story to your piece.

We’ll use this printed fabric as a starting point to piece together a scrappy collage of old and used fabrics. You’ll be working with a fabulous selection of old table linenes and other vintage materials from my studio. By using old and used materials we are bringing their stories to the piece too!

Once you’ve created your ground you’ll start pulling it all together through the lovely process of slow hand-stitching. I’ll encourage you to let this become a relaxed and organic process using some old mending and needlework samples from my collection as inspiration. I’ll show you how to highlight chosen words and phrases from your text with stitch and how to add stitched ‘sketches’ to your work.

Don’t worry if you’re not an experienced stitcher – running stitch and cross stitch are all you need but you can, of course, be more adventurous. A love of all things vintage, of old, washed and worn is much more important.

You won’t finish your collage during the workshop – hand-stitching is really slow! But you’ll leave with all the help you need and a gorgeous project to continue working on at home.

A fabulous selection of materials will be provided but of course you can bring along some of your own personal bits & pieces if you wish – cotton scraps, bits of old table linens, dish towels – just think of what goes in the wash!