A day of inspiration, discussion and exploration as we look at the process of starting a new textile project.

The day will be spent working with mind maps as a design tool for exploring ideas relating to subject, materials and techniques. I am a huge fan of using mind maps as a way to fully explore your subject and take you way beyond the obvious.

I’ll show you how I tackle the scary “white page” in my sketchbooks and we’ll discuss how these can be used for recording ideas and processes as your project progresses.

You will leave buzzing with ideas that will take you in new directions with your textile work and a sketchbook already started.

This workshop is only suitable for people who already work with textiles and wish to start working on a new project. We will not be doing any actual design work, simply spending time on the very important “ideas” stage.

You will be asked to have a subject in mind that you wish to explore during the workshop.

Ali Ferguson Mindmaps and Sketchbooks