Patchwood Wreath

Spend a festive day of hand stitching with a difference creating a hand stitched patchwork wooden wreath. Your wreath will be made from wooden patches with a ‘vintage Christmas’ or ‘sewing box’ theme. You will leave at the end of the day with a gorgeous, personal wall decoration that can be brought out and enjoyed year after year.

Starting with a pile of cut wooden ‘patches’ you will sand, paint and prepare your wood which will then be embellished with vintage papers, fabrics and other small treasures – all hand stitched into place. Before you begin to stitch, tiny holes must be drilled into the wood. By the end of the day you will feel as at home using the drill as you do your needle and thread.

I will bring along a gorgeous selection of ‘treasures’ from my studio. I’ll raid my sewing box for snippets of old & used fabrics, lace and some lovely bits of vintage haberdashery. I’ll also bring Christmas bits – pinecones, cinnamon sticks, vintage Christmas stamps & books. I’ll show you different ways to add words from Christmas Carols or stories or even a little personal message.

Everything you need, will be provided but you may wish to make your piece even more personal by bringing along some of your own bits & pieces. If you wish to follow a ‘sewing box’ theme then think about items such as vintage lace, buttons, buckles hooks & eyes, stitched table linens or whatever else your hunt through the sewing box turns up.

If you are following a more traditional Christmas theme, then think vintage Christmas – sheet music, tiny baubles, vintage cake decorations. Have a wee search beforehand and see what Ebay can turn up! You can, of course, follow your own theme and just bring along a personal collection of tiny treasures that you would like to include.

You are very welcome to turn up completely empty handed and there will be a great selection of materials for you to use.

This workshop is a perfect if you have already done one of my other Patchwood workshops but also suitable for absolute beginners – don’t worry you’ll be shown everything you need to know!

Ali Ferguson Patchwood Wreath