I teach a gorgeous collection of textile workshops each one inspired by my own art practice offering original and great, contemporary designs suitable for all levels of ability.

My Approach

The stories behind the pieces are the all important part for me so this is the approach I bring to my teaching. We use old & used materials and personal words & text wherever possible. I HATE shop bought, mass produced scrap booking supplies (with one or two exceptions) I LOVE genuine old, scrappy materials that have their own stories to tell (NO exceptions). There is just something wonderful about a piece of fabric that is fifty years old and has been endlessly used washed and worn. I always wonder about what stories it could tell!

All materials are provided so you can just turn up and enjoy a day of creativity – great for people with busy lives or who do not have their own stash of craft materials! However many people view the workshops as an opportunity to use some of their personal family treasures – things that are normally hidden away at the bottom of drawers but have huge sentimental value. I’ll always give you suggestions for things that you could bring to personalise your project.

Contact me if you would like to receive my email newsletter and find out about workshop dates as soon as they become available, news of exhibitions and other goings on.

Why The Purple Thread Shed?

Many people know me as ‘The Purple Thread Shed’ – indeed this is my Facebook & Instagram profile. This is because I started my own workshop programme around seven years ago from my own studio The Purple Thread Shed in the garden of my home near Roslin. I now only teach in this space by special arrangement throwing my shed doors open for intimate groups of four people. Do speak to me if you would like to arrange for yourself and three friends to attend a workshop of your choice and share my beautiful creative space. We will be joined for the day by ‘Annie’ the Thread Shed pooch.

The Purple Thread Shed Takes To The Road

The Purple Thread Shed now takes to the road as I am lucky enough to be invited as a tutor to teach in other gorgeous venues in the UK and abroad and have worked with many embroiderer’s guilds and textile groups across the country. I’ve been very fortunate to work with some fabulous venues including The Scottish National Galleries, Edinburgh Museums, The Knitting & Stitching Show and at The Country Living Fair, Crafty Retreats in France and in April this year I was excited to be working with Fibre Arts Australia & Fibre Arts New Zealand.

Please chat to me if you would like to discuss your own ideas for me to work with your textile group or in your creative space.

My current teaching programme

Workshops At The Restoration Yard

I’ll be hosting two workshops before Christmas this year at the beautiful Restoration Yard, Dalkeith Country Park. Bookings are made directly with me.

Patchwood Samplers: Seedheads & Seascapes on Saturday 19thOctober 2019

Patchwood Wreaths on Saturday 16th November 2019


Decorative Collar & Cuffs workshop
Handmade Journals workshop
Patchwood Christmas Tree workshop
Patchwood Sampler: Personal Collections workshop
Patchwood Samplers: Natural Collections workshop
Patchwood Samplers: Seedheads & Seascapes workshop
Patchwood Tenements workshop
Patchwood Wreath workshop
Rusted Samplers workshop
Small Story Samplers workshop
Stories From The Scullery workshop
Stories From The Sewing Box
Stories From The Sewing Box: Stories From The Scullery workshop
Story Shirts workshop
Vintage Haberdashery Lampshade workshop

I currently offer the following workshops:

Stories From The Sewing Box: Stories From The Scullery

Small Story Samplers

Story Shirts 

Handmade Journals

Decorative Collar & Cuff

Rusted Samplers

Patchwood Samplers: Personal Collections

Patchwood Samplers: Natural Collections

Patchwood Tenements

Patchwood Christmas Trees

Patchwood Wreaths

Environmentals: Patchwood